Advanced Specialty Lighting  is a manufacturer of xenon lamps for multiple applications and currently produces over 1.2 million lamps per year.  Prior to 2003, ASL's predecessor companies marketed lamps under the names ORC or Perkin Elmer.   With over 30 years of experience, Advanced Specialty Lighting, Inc. continues to be recognized as a global leader in innovation, quality, and performance.   

Information on any of the lamps below can be obtained at the Tri State Theatre Supply Xenon Pricing page by clicking on the highlighted link of the desired lamp.


Cross Reference Guide & Warranty

The Cross Reference and Warranty Guide has our most popular products listed with the description of the 100% warranty stated in hours. The cross reference gives the ASL part number for the direct replacement of other lamp manufacturer’s product. Please call us if you do not find the part number you are looking for, our sales department will be glad to help you.

ASL                         Warranty       LTI         Osram                      Christie            Ushio       Yumex     Superior

XM1000HS/G 0/2500 LTIX-1000W-HS XBO 1000W/HS OFR CXL-10S UXL-10SB YXL-10S SX10009
XM1000HSC/G 0/2500 LTIX-1000W-HSC XBO 1000W/HSC OFR CXL-10SC UXL-10SCB YXL-10S SX10009C
XM1000HTP/G 0/2700 LTIX-1000W-HTP XBO 1000W/HTP OFR CXL-10 UXL-1000HA   SX1000HTP
XM1600H/VC/G 0/2600 LTIX-1600W-HC XBO 1600W/CA OFR CXL-1600A   YXL1600 SX16004
XM1600HS/R 0/2300 LTIX-1600W-HS XBO 1600W/HS OFR CXL-16S UXL-16SB YXL-16S SX16001
XM1600HSC/R 0/2300 LTIX-1600W-HSC XBO 1600W/HSC OFR CXL-16SC UXL-16SCB YXL-16SC SX16002
XM2000-27HS/R 0/1600 LTIX-2000W-SHSC XBO 2000W/SHSC OFR       SX20008
XM2000H/VC/G 0/2700 LTIX-2000W-H XBO 2000W/H OFR CXL2000/20R UXL-2000HR YXL-20R SX20002
XM2000H/VCC/G 0/2700 LTIX-2000W-HC XBO2000W/HCC OFR CXL-2000   YXL20R  
XM2000HS/G 0/2700 LTIX-2000W-HS XBO 2000W/HS OFR CXL-20SC UXL-20SC YXL-20SC SX20003
XM2000HTP/G 0/2700 LTIX-2000W-HTP XBO 2000W/HTP OFR CXL-20 UXL-2000HA YXL-20 SX2000HTP
XM2500H/VC/G 0/2300 LTIX-2500W-H XBO 2500W OFR CXL-2500 UXL-2500-O YXL-2500 SX25003
XM2500HS/R 0/1700 LTIX-2500W-HS XBO 2500W/HS OFR CXL-25SC UXL-25SC YXL-25SC SX25001
XM3000H/VC/G 0/2050 LTIX-3000W-H XBO 3000W/H OFR CXL-3000/30R UXL-3000HR YXL-30R SX30001
XM3000HS/R 0/1750 LTIX-3000W-HS XBO 3000W/HS OFR CXL-30SC UXL-30SC YXL-30SC SX30002
XM3000HTP/G 0/1750 LTIX-3000W-HTP XBO 3000W/HTP OFR CXL-30 UXL-3000HA YXL-30 SX3000HTP
XM4000-7HS/G   LTIX-4000W-XT          
XM4000HS/G 0/1400     CXL-40SC UXL-40SC   SX42001
XM4000HTP/G 0/1400 LTIX-4000W-HTP XBO 4000W/HTP OFR CXL-40 UXL-4000HA YXL-40 SX4000HTP
XM4200H/VC/G 0/1350 LTIX-4200W-H XBO 4200W/CA OFR CXL-4200A   YXL-4200 SX42004
XM4200H/VCC/G 0/1350 LTIX-4200W-HC   CXL-4200      
XM4201H/VC/G 0/800 LTIX-4200W-HEH XBO 4200W/GS OFR        
XM4202H/VC/G 0/800 LTIX-4202W-HEHS          
XM4500HS/G 0/1050 LTIX-4500W-HS XBO 4000W/HS OFR CXL-45SC      
XM4500HTP/G 0/1050 LTIX-4500W-HTP XBO 4500W/HTP OFR CXL-45 UXL-4500HA    
XM5000H/G   LTIX-5000W-H XBO 5000W/H OFR        
XM5000H/VC/G 0/1150 LTIX-5001W-H          
XM5000HS/G 0/1150 LTIX-5000W-HS XBO 5000W/HBM OFR CXL-50SC   YXL-50SC SX50001
XM5000HTP/G 0/1150 LTIX-5000W-HTP XBO 5000W/HTP OFR        
XM6000-5HS/G 0/1100 LTIX-6002W-HS   CXL-60SC UXL-60SC    
XM6000HS/G 0/1100 LTIX-6000W-HS XBO 6000W/HS OFR       SX60001
XM6000HTP/G 0/1100 LTIX-6000W-HTP XBO 6000W/HTP OFR CXL-60      
XM6500HS/G 0/1100 LTIX-6500W-H          
XM8000HS/G 0/550 LTIX-8000W-HS XBO 8000W/HS OFR CXL-80SC UXL-80SC   SX80001

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