Popcorn Information Page


Order Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn kits for movie perfect popcorn every time!! Each case contains 24 packets and makes approx 190 servings.*  Each kit contains everything you need for that buttery tasting movie popcorn - 8oz. of popcorn, coconut oil and buttery flavored seasoning salt.  Just tear, pour and ENJOY!

**For 8oz kettles, we also carry packages for 4, 6 and 12oz. kettles!

CLICK HERE for Information on Coconut Oil!

Electrical Requirements for Popcorn Machine:  120v, 15 Amp, 1800 Watt Service.  Long extension cords are NOT recommended!!


Rental includes machine and popcorn scoop only - all other products sold separately!

Popcorn Video Tutorial, Click HERE!

 Operating Instructions:
  1. Your popper has THREE switches:  Light and Warmer Switch - for lights and the warmer bulb, Kettle Motor Switch - This turns on the turning arm inside the kettle, Kettle Heat Switch - This makes the kettle heat up.
  2. Turn on ALL THREE switches.
  3. For the first batch - pour all of the oil into the kettle and only 1 or 2 kernels of corn.  It will take 4 to 5 minutes for the kettle to heat up.  Wait for those kernels to pop and THEN add ENTIRE contents of the pouch (all of the seed and salt) into the kettle.
  4. A batch of popcorn should take approximately 3 minutes to pop.  Once the popping noise slows almost to a stop, tilt the kettle (careful, it's hot!!) and pour the contents of the kettle into the bottom of the machine.
  5. After the first batch, add the entire contents of the popcorn package into the kettle at once. Repeat step #4. TIP:  Always pop several batches at once for best popcorn.
  6. When finished popping, turn off the Kettle Motor Switch and Kettle Heat Switch.  Leave the Light and Warmer Switch on in order to keep your popcorn warm and delicious!

Note:  Not every kernel will pop!   The holes in the bottom of the machine allow unpopped kernels to fall into a tray known as the "Old Maid Drawer" - be sure and empty this drawer when finished with the machine.



1. Orvil Pour and Pop - case of 24 packs (200 bags) ---  $27.50
2. One ounce popcorn bags (100 per bundle) --- $2.00


Having Trouble??

Kettle Won't Heat - Check to make sure the twist lock plug on the end of the kettle cord is securely locked in the receptacle in the interior top deck of the machine.
Low Kettle Heat - The #1 cause of heating issues is low voltage. Plug the machine directly into a receptacle and try again, long extension cords and generators are frequent problems.
No Interior Light - Replace with any 75watt bulb for illumination, remember there is a corn deck warmer to keep the popcorn warm.
Kettle Agitator Won't Turn - Make sure the kettle is correctly seated in the hangar arms. In order for the agitator to turn, the gear on the kettle must mesh with the gear at the top of the machine.