Dixie Cinema 3   

Hamilton, AL                                                                                             

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Popcorn, 50 Pound Blue Ribbon 50BRC
CoCo Oil 50# Can 50LOU
Flavacol Seasoning Salt, 12 35oz per Case FLAVA
Buttery Oil 4/1 gallon per Case BUTTE
Cretors Inside Kettle Cleaner Per 1# Container, 12 per case, Order by each CRETI
Cretors Outside Kettle Cleaner Per 1# Container, 12 per Case, Order by each CRETO
Prepop Bags, Yellow 400 Count PREPB
Nacho Trays, 5 x 6",  500 Count NTRAY
Nacho Chips,  36 Bags per Case PPCHIP36
Jalapeno Peppers, 4 1 Gallon Jars PEPPG
32 Ounce Popcorn Cups, 500 Count 32POP
46 Ounce Popcorn Cups, 500 Count 46POP
85 Ounce Popcorn Tub, Popcorn Design 150 per Case 85POP
Jumbo Unwrapped Straws, 10" STRAUJ
Straws, Unwrapped 7 3/4" STRAU
4 Cup Beverage Trays 4CUP
2 Cup Beverage Tray w Compartment 2CUPTRAY
Kiddie Combo Trays, 250 per Case KIDCO
Buncha Crunch 48 Count G201
M&M Milk Chocolate 48 Count A201
M&M Peanut, 48 Count A200
Skittles 36 Count A202
Raisinets 36 Count Bags C304
Junior Mints 48 Count H200
Lemonheads, 48 Count G101
Scooby Doo Treats 12 Count W21
Sno Caps, 60 Count A300
Sour Punch Apple 24 Count A301
Sour Punch Strawberry, 24 Counjt C300
Sour Punch Blue Raspberry, 24 Count E200
Butterfinger Bites 60 Count G102
Goobers, 60 Count G202
Raisinets, 60 Count G200
Twix King Size 24 Count C105
3 Cup Reese H201
Snicker King Size 24 Count C106
Nuclear Squirms, 48 Count C202
Milk Duds, 48 Count C200
Starburst King Size 24 Count C108
M&M King Size Peanut 24 Count G206
M&M King Size Milk Chocolate 24 Count G204
Nerd Ropes,  24 Count W151
Junior Mints Small 24 Count 1.8 Ounce C307
Sour Patch Kids, 12 Count B208
Yellow Splice Tape, 6 per tube, Order by the roll YELLO
Tickets, 2000 Per Roll TICKE
Clear Splice Tape, 6 per Tube, order by the roll CLEAR
Framing Lamps for Projector, 10 per box, Order by each 55FRA
Lens Tissue, Pop Up Box LENST
Lens Cleaner, 8 ounce w Sprayer LENS8
Projector Oil for Simplex Projector PROJS
SoundHead Oil for Simplex Soundhead SOUND


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