Medium Sized Poppers, 12 to 16 ounce

These poppers are perfect for schools, sports bars,

fun centers and similar locations.

#2552 Pop Maxx
12/14 oz. kettle

This all stainless steel cabinet popper maximizes popcorn production from any 15 Amp line! Easy to keep clean. Safe twin arm double-hung kettle suspension. Ideal for schools, concession stands, rentals and more.

#2214 Red Top 12
12 oz. kettle

This attractive popper features a red powder coated dome, satin anodized and welded cabinet and the famous Whiz Bang kettle. Compact 20"x20" footprint, yet larger popping capacity.


#2212 Mega Pop
12 oz. kettle

Over 250 oz. of popped corn per hour makes this compact 12 oz. machine a gold mine. Welded bronze anodized frame. Woodgrain vinyl-coated steel top. Etched glass windows.


#2003ST Whiz Bang
12 oz. kettle

This unit features a heavily chrome-plated steel kettle mounted in the extra strong cast aluminum twin hanger arms for operator safety. Removable kettle for easy cleaning.


#2014 Gay 90's Whiz Bang on #2015 Cart
12 oz. kettle

The world’s favorite full size popcorn machine. Extremely heavy-duty construction, welded aluminum frame, extruded corner posts, antique brass-like finish and the high performance Whiz Bang Kettle.


  #2121 Econo Pop     

14 Ounce Kettle, BEST SELLER!   Click for More Info!

The Econo 14 is the world’s most popular commercial 14 Ounce Popper! 

300 Servings per Hour, Etched Popcorn Sign on Front Window!


#2453 ProPop
14 oz. kettle

Maximum output and a minimal footprint (20"x20") make the ProPop perfect for retail locations where space is at a premium. Neon header also available.


#2001 Citation

14 Ounce Kettle, Forced Air Warmer,

Not Wired for External Oil Pump    BEST SELLER!

Current Models have White Dome, not yellow as pictured

Click for more info!

#2001ST Citation
14 oz. kettle

This profit maker features a deluxe 14 oz. kettle, durable Gold Medal construction and a forced hot air heater blower system for "kettle crisp" popcorn.


#2001BN Silverstreak
14 oz. kettle

Neon is the ultimate sale-builder. All of the great Citation features with added sales appeal. Shown here on #2111SS Stainless Steel base (sold separately).


#2102E Deluxe Citation
14 oz. kettle

The most deluxe 14 oz. kettle popper available! The #2102 is available with illuminated header (as shown), neon header, or illuminated white dome. Big Eye Electronic Controls ensure perfectly popped popcorn every time. Heavily chrome-plated deluxe steel kettle. Kettle removes for easy cleaning.


#2554 Macho Pop
16/ 18 oz. kettle

Maximize output of perfectly popped popcorn with minimal electricity. The Macho Pop uses 1920 Watts- a 20 Amp plug lets you operate almost anywhere. The Big Eye Electronic Controls help you pop more safely and efficiently. All stainless steel cabinet and stainless steel kettle.

#2024 Econo 16
16 oz. kettle

The Econo 16 features the deluxe heavy-duty steel kettle with extra chrome-plating. Illuminated "popcorn" header draws sales-building attention. Strip heater corn freshener system. Not pre-wired for oil pump.

#2022ST Astro Pop 16
16 oz. kettle

The popper of choice for about half of the new discount department stores. High quality construction and all of the big machine features.

#2119 Antique Citation on #3118PC Cart
14 oz. kettle

All of the Citation high performance features with attractive antique styling.

#2023BN Neon Astro 16
16 oz. kettle

The Astro 16 is maximizing profits in concession trailers and other high traffic locations. Equipped with the Big Eye Electronic Control System for better popping performance.