Large Poppers

For high traffic, high volume locations - theatres, stadiums, arenas, large schools - the poppers featured here are your key to top profits.

Astro Pop and Pop-O-Gold -Have it Your Way

The Big Eye Electronic Heat Control and Clean-in-Place kettles are standard on all 32 oz. Pop-O-Golds. You can customize your Pop-O-Gold with the following options:


B The Pop-O-Gold is supplied with the Stainless Steel Base as well as the Bag-in-a-Box or Accumeter Popping Oil Delivery System.
D Supplied with a two position Deep Well cabinet, Note that there is only room for a one box Bag-in-a-Box Oil Delivery System, model #2257. The Accumeter system is not available.
X Supplied with export voltage, 240 volts, 50 Hz.
N Supplied with a two color Neon dome.
Z FlexiPop option. You choose 32 oz. or 18 oz. with a "flip-of-a-switch." The oil amount is automatically adjusted also.
P Has Pass-Thru Cabinet allowing complete kettle control from both sides of the cabinet.


#2010EN Neon Astro Pop 20 on Base
20 oz. kettle

This workhorse features the Big Eye Electronic Control System, Brute Force Kettle Drive Motor and the improved Corn Freshener System.

#2011E Pop-O-Gold
32 oz. kettle

High production in a counter model. Pre-wired for Bag-In-A-Box Pump or Accumeter Oil Pump System.


#2011EB Pop-O-Gold Floor Model
32 oz. kettle

Shown here with the #2257H Heated Bag-in-a-Box Oil Delivery System (standard).


Cornado and Grand Pop-O-Gold- Have It Your Way

The Big Eye Electronic Heat Control, the Deep Well Cabinet with Adjustable Bottom Pan Height, and right-hand dump kettles are standard features on all Cornados and Grand Pop-O-Golds. Also note that the complete oil delivery system is also included with every Cornado, Pop-O-Gold (with base) and Grand Pop-O-Gold (two systems supplied with twin kettles). The Bag-in-a-Box #2257 is standard for domestic models, and the #2214EX Accumeter Oil Delivery System for export models. Specify the system you want with your popper.

All Cornados in enclosed cabinets and Grand Pop-O-Golds are available with many options depending on your requirements. Just select the model number for the kettle and cabinet size you need, and choose from the option list below:


X Supplied with eXport voltage, 240 volts, 50 Hz.
N Supplied with a two color Neon dome.
S Supplied with a "Salt-Sweet" switch. Change from salted to sweet popcorn with a "flip-of-a-switch."
P Has Pass-Thru Cabinet allowing complete kettle control from both sides of the cabinet
F Has complete self-contained Ansul R102 Fire Suppression installed on enclosed Cornado with one kettle. 30 day "build-out" time required. Not available on all models of Grand Pop-O-Gold. Call with your requirements.
L We can also build your Cornado with a Left Hand Dump Kettle.


#2848ED Grand Pop-O-Gold 32
32 oz. kettle

The hanging kettle and deep well cabinet allow you to save space while popping large amounts of popcorn.

#2861ED Twin Grand Pop-O-Gold
32 oz. kettle

The choice of most theater concession stands! This twin 32 oz. popper allows one person to operate two kettles and wait on customers as well. The twin kettles are slightly rotated to dump and load with ease.

#2972EDN Medallion
52 oz.

52 oz. popping capacity. Big Eye electronic control and deluxe 3-way Filter System.


#2748ED Grand Medallion
66 oz.

Our largest capacity kettle! The 66 oz. Grand Medallion is the Big Daddy of the popcorn industry. Big Eye Electronic Controls help ensure perfectly popped popcorn every time. Deep Well is standard. Contact us to learn about options available on the Grand Medallion..

#2123EN Cornado
36 oz. kettle

The improved Cornado pedestal design keeps all electronic components cool for more dependable performance.

#2149E 36 oz. Cornado Popping Unit
36 oz. kettle

#2139E Open Top Stadium Model Cornado
36 oz. kettle

In a busy stadium concession stand, the 36 oz. Cornado and 60" deep well cabinet is often the popper of choice. Shown here with the Twin Bag-in-a-Box popping oil delivery system.

#2167PN Enclosed Cornado with Neon
36 oz. kettle

The Pass-Thru option on the Cornado maximizes your labor by allowing operation from both sides.

#2167EDF Cornado
36 oz. kettle
The Cornado shown here features the Fire Suppression System. This virtually eliminates the need for costly "vent hoods and fire drops."


#2229EDN Enclosed Cornado with Neon
48 oz. kettle

New this year, the huge capacity of the 52 oz. Medallion will pop up huge profits in high traffic locations. Equipped with the Big Eye Electronic Controls for the best tasting popcorn. Safest heat controls available. Flexi-Pop option available (32 oz. or 52 oz. capacity at the flip of a switch). Contact us to learn more about other options available on the Medallion.

  Gold Medal Pro-Plants give you these benefits:

Fast 3 minute popping cycle. 20 cycles per hour.
Durable chrome-plated kettle cook surface for long lasting use.
Welded aluminum frames will not rust.
Huge perforated screening area makes it easy to serve or pack corn.
Larger diameter kettles produce a better "pop out"- less fall out. More expansion!


#2235E Twin Pro-Plant
48 oz. kettle

Two #2257H Bag-in-a-Box Oil pumps included.

#2263E Pro-Plant
48 oz. kettle

#2257H Bag-in-a-Box Oil pump included.

#2220 Twin Maxi Popping Plant
36 oz. kettles

Two #2257H Bag-in-a-Box Oil pumps included.

#2258SE Dual Temp Cornado Unit
48 oz. kettle

Dual temperature settings allow the Big Eye to have two popping cycles- one for regular popcorn and the other for sweet